• Lower Ground Floor
  • 56 Shoreditch High Street
  • London
  • E1 6JJ
  • UK


The full card features artists such as Arkaic, Shox, Chilla Jones, Mad Flex, A. Ward and Dunn D. This is not one you want to miss! Tickets are extremely limited, so if you want to see:

Tony D vs. Soul
Arkaic vs. A.Ward
Mr Re vs. Chilla Jones
Shox The Rebel vs. MadFlex
Bobby Rex vs. Dunn D
Frankie Phraser vs. Vega
Hulk vs. Press1
Mos Prob vs. Mr Tongue Twister
Ambi vs. Danny Jaqq
Yorkz vs. Darpa
Tofer vs. Podge Dwyer

…make sure you pick up a ticket NOW to ensure you don’t miss out.
There are no on the door options available.
Tickets can be purchased here for £20.