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Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing is a quiz like none other that’s gone before!
It’s an interactive, fast paced multiple choice contest which will tryout your knowledge and test your nerves.

As players rock up they are handed two cards, one a red ‘False’ card and the other a green ‘True’ card. The game is guided by London’s sassiest of comperes, ‘Eleanor Conway’ and begins by her reading out a statement from one of our many quirkily themed topics. Then (via a couple of clues) players must decide if this statement is true or false by holding up their chosen card. Once all the players have made their decision the answer is revealed. Players with the right answer will continue onto the next question and so forth until only a few people remain in the competition. These finalists are then welcomed up to the front to take part in the LMS ‘Stage Challenge’.

The ‘Stage Challenges’ are a variety of amusing games which of course will involve audience participation, such as ‘Play Your Stars Right’, ‘The Potato Balance’ and ‘Come Fly With Me’, which will leave just one player crowned as ’LAST MAN STANDING ’ and awarded with a dazzling prize.

Brought to you by team that created Musical Bingo, Last Man Standing promises to be nothing less than a fun fuelled, raucous and action packed night out. A quiz with a massive personality like no other you’ll find out there. Come as a team, come as a couple or come on your own, this is a brand new Pub Quiz for the capital’s 21st century party people.

Have you got what it takes to be the LAST MAN STANDING?

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