• Lower Ground Floor
  • 56 Shoreditch High Street
  • London
  • E1 6JJ
  • UK


Musical Bingo

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Musical Bingo at Concrete is always an explosive hell of a do which we all get very excited about for numerous reasons. Although the evening may begin in an orderly fashion, one round deep and it’s a whole other story…! By the time the night is through, you can can have guaranteed: stage invasions, hula hoop challenges, confetti showers and ecstatic proud new owners of deep fat fryers and slow cookers!

For August we’re very excited to be welcoming a brand new host into the B.I.N.G.O family! Prepare to be thrilled senseless with her stage debut as our newbie knows how to PARTAY! Of course she be joined by everyone’s fave east-end and all round cheeky chap ‘Stocky’, as well as london’s best dressed DJ’s Rapture + Jonny Unknown- who’ll be on hand to tear down the full house with a variety of fun filled and raucous themed rounds.

£7 per person. Tables Sell Out Fast! book yours now via
If you’ve never been before, just Imagine the the kind of bingo nans have played since time began, but with songs instead of numbers. Each round is based upon a topic, just listen out for the tunes and mark ‘em off your card to win super dupa prizes like; bottles of prosecco, cocktails, slow cookers and plates of french fancies. You can also expect other little twists along the way such as the multi choice mystery boxes, the killer question challenge, ticker tape showers, table dancing, stage invasions and even the odd Hula Hoop moment. You’ll also be pleased to hear Concrete serves up the best pizzas courtesy of the Pizza East kitchen above.

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