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Like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers were to the big screen and Seven Dwarfs & Snow White were to our childhood (wait, isn’t that what we call bukkake today?) SEVEN is the magic number of years we’ll be turning on our next Pelucas y Tacones party on September 8th, 2012. Yes! seven years of ‘chochi’ musica, kitsch performances and hottest spanish men in town.. Soho to Shoreditch, Madrid to Murcia in over 40 incredible parties.. there was a time when we couldn’t bid for wigs online and Primark was a suburbs’ gem. We can finally say, we’re proper vintage gurrrrl!!!

As a birthday present we’ve teamed up with two true legends of the international underground queer scene.. Luis Miguelez & Juan Tormento who have been rocking the scene since the 80’s involved with Almodovar and La Movida and over the following decades as Macnamara, Glamour To Kill and Glitter Klinik. They will be performing exclusively for us, for the 1st time in the UK as Die Blondinen, their Berlin-based new project. Their live show promises to be a timeless pant-wetting classic. Check them out

We could have not chosen a better theme to go along with Die Blondinen, so as they shout ‘nicht kann die blondinen stoppen/nothing can stop the blondes’ on their first single, we say.. you are not getting in unless you are LEGALLY BLOND!! It doesn’t matter if you are a Marilyn Monroe starlet, a Madonna die hard fan, a Debbie Harris punk, a busty Dolly Parton or even a stuck Boris Johnson on the zip line .. We just want blond ambition in the air.. Don’t dream it, BE IT.. Anything goes as far as it is blond.. Make the effort, get the wig, dress up to shock us dead, this promises to be the blondest moment of the year!!